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Pencil Tire Gauge

Part #: s-925, 925BK

  • For use on trucks, RVs and bicycle tires
  • Working pressure range of 20 to 120 pounds per square inch in 2 pound increments
  • Reads in both kilopascal and pounds per square inch
  • Single head chuck with deflator valve

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Package Type List Qty
S-925 - Single Retail Pack
Retail Box of 10
925BK - Box of 100
Pencil pressure tire gauges provide accurate, long life with trouble free performance for 20-120 PSI in 2 pound increments. Durable plated brass with 4 side nylon indicator bar. Always check tire pressure when tires are cold.
Weight 1.0000
Gage Type Pencil gage
Chuck type Single head chuck
Manufacturer Milton Industries
PSI range 20 to 120 PSI,2 lb increments