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Since the early 1950’s, Milton has been a preferred brand of the various branches of the United States Government. So much so that Milton is specified as the product to use when it comes to inflating tires for Naval and Air Force aircraft. With their durability and simplicity of use, it’s no wonder the US Government has relied on Milton products for over 60 years. Milton offers a line of high pressure gages that are meant to withstand years of use.
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Made in USA was my primary reason for buying this coupler. I have used them in the past years, but never really paid much attention to where it was made (foolish). Excellent quality, leak free. The best!
You can buy cheaper couplers, but not better. These are very well built and work flawlessly. I expect them to last a very long time. I use these on all the air hoses for my construction tools. Perfect.
Replaced a few of my coupler's with these after I got sick of listening to air leaking. Works very well and even with the no name plugs it works very well.