ColorFit by Milton HIGHFLOWPRO™ Coupler & Plug Kit - (V-Style, Purple) - 1/4" NPT, (7-Piece)

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7 Pieces
  • V-STYLE: Milton V-style, ColorFit V-style, + competitor V couplers/plugs are all compatible!
  • DURABLE: Scratch-resistant steel design in an anodized coating for optimal wear vs. aluminum sleeves
  • HIGH FLOW: Provides up to 70% more airflow for optimal power to your air tools and applications.
  • COLOR: Purple to Purple matching - (V/High Flow) air coupler/plug fittings, easy push to connect.
  • INCLUDES: 3 Male plugs, 2 Female plugs, 1 Male coupler + 1 Female coupler (all 1/4" NPT)
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