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12" Bayonet Inflator Gauge Hose Whip Replacement – Dual truck Tire Chuck Head

Part #: 527

UPC: 30937301130

Number of items in this pack: 1

  • Replacement hose whip for Milton bayonet inflator gauge #522/S-522.
  • Replacement air chuck: Milton #500-4.
  • All Milton replacement hose whips have 1/4” NPT threads and are interchangeable with any Milton bayonet gauge.
  • Pressure range of PSI (10-120) and kPa (80-840).
  • Air chuck threads: 1/8”-27 NPT.

12" Bayonet Inflator Gauge Hose Whip Replacement


Milton’s S-527 is the replacement hose whip for the Milton bayonet inflator gauge #522.


With ¼” NPT threads, this 12” bayonet inflator gauge hose whip is compatible for use and connection with any of the 4 Milton Bayonet Inflator bodies: #520, #521, #522, and #523. Offers 10-120 PSI or 80-840 kPa. The air chuck has 1/8”-27 NPT threads.


This hose whip is free-flowing and cannot be used without the Bayonet Inflator Gauge- Air is turned on/off by the bayonet controller. If connected directly to an air source, air will constantly flow out.


Other replacement parts:

S-527 replacement air chuck: Milton #500-4.


If using a dual head type tire chuck with an inflator gauge and notice air is escaping through the off-side once connected to the tire’s Schrader valve, simply release the trigger and remove the inflator from the Schrader/tire valve. Point the straight side of the outlet up into the air (make sure it’s not pointed at someone). Squeeze trigger, allow air to flow (gravity will cause the sealing valve to drop), and place the chuck end onto the Schrader/tire valve while air is still flowing. Air will start to flow into the tire.

Dual head type tire chucks are unable to inflate a completely flat (zero air pressure) tire. Tire air pressure would normally cause the sealing valve to move and seal the unused side of the chuck. However, if a tire has 0 air pressure, the self-sealing valve has no pressure to react to.

Weight 0.4900
Made in USA Yes
Gauge Type Replacement Hose Whip
Hose length 12" hose
Manufacturer Milton Industries
Height 1.375
Width 5.5
Length 10
Usage Used on #522

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