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Hose whip/air (526-529) “leak” issues
This hose whip is free-flowing and cannot be used without the Bayonet Inflator Gauge- Air is turned on/off by the bayonet controller. If connected directly to an air source, air will constantly flow out.
What does the “S” prefix signify?
The “S” means the product is in a displayable package for retail purposes. The product is the same with or without the “S” prefix.
What does “2/cd” mean in the Milton® catalog?
Many of the Milton® products are in displayable packaging for retail purposes. For convenience some items are packed 2 per card or “2/cd.”
What does SCFM mean?
Standard cubic feet per minute, which is the amount of airflow through the coupler, plug, regulator, filter, etc.
What does FRL stand for?
Filter, Regulator, Lubricator
How do I select the proper size of FRL to use?
The model and style depends on the size and volume of the air compressor. Please refer to the FRL application chart in the FRL section of the Milton catalog on page 34.
What is the minimum distance from the air compressor to the FRL?
20 ft. This allows the air to cool properly so the moisture in the line will condense before reaching the filter.
What is the hole in the side of the regulator?
This is a relieving port that allows the regulator to be used on dead-ended applications Normally, you will neither feel nor hear air coming from this hole. If you do, the regulator diaphragm has a leak, or the needle valve under the cap is dirty, or the regulator is installed backwards.
Which oil is recommended for use in the lubricators?
10 W motor oil or proprietary air tool oil. Never expose poly bowls to synthetic oils, phosphate esters or chlorinated hydrocarbons as they may cause the bowl to crack.
How much oil is required to properly lubricate the tools?
For general purpose applications, the recommended oil flow range is: 1/4” Pipe: 1–3 drops per minute 3/8” Pipe: 2–6 drops per minute 1/2” Pipe: 3–9 drops per minute
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