Milton® EXELAIR® FRL Piggyback Air Filter & Regulator, 1/2" NPT, Metal Bowl, Automatic Float

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  • FRL Air Filter Regulators: Removes water/particles, protects air tools, and prevents overdrying tools.
  • Piggyback: Compact Filter/Regulator duo that combines the functions of both parts. Most effective when space is limited- Save space on your wall.
  • Cast aluminum body. Locking adjustable pressure knob. 40-micron bronze sintered filter element. Dial Pressure gauge. Automatic/Manual full-time fluid drain. Push-to-connect drain tubing connection to channel water safely.
  • 1/2" inch national pipe threads on both inlet/outlet. Metal Bowl w/Sight Glass: Indicates fluid level. Bowl Capacity: 7.4 OZ.
  • Max Air Flow: 140 CFM. Max operating pressure: 145 PSI. Temperature range between 25°F and 140°F or -5°C and 60°C.
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EXELAIR® by Milton® FRL (Piggyback) Air Filter & Regulator - 1/2" NPT - Metal Bowl, Automatic Float (EX45PB40A-04M)

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