Milton® 5 In ONE™ Universal Safety Exhaust Hose Barb Industrial Coupler, 1/4" ID x 1/4" Flow Body

  • UNIVERSAL HOSE FITTING: This ubiquitous safety coupler accepts all five major interchanges: Industrial (M-Style®), High Flow (V-Style), Automotive (T-style), ARO (A-Style) and Lincoln (L-style).
  • SAFELY BLEEDS AIR: Eliminating the risk of hose whip, this quick connect hose fitting safely bleeds off excess air pressure before releasing your pneumatic hose.
  • QUICK CONNECT COUPLING: With a high-quality air seal, this Milton® coupler makes it easy to safely and quickly connect hose fittings.
  • HEAVY-DUTY STEEL: Providing a long-lasting, high-quality hose connection, this sturdy steel industrial air compressor is designed to last.
  • DIMENSIONS: The 1/4" hose barb end can handle pressure up to 120 PSI, with an air flow of 1/4".
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$141.17 - $1,375.98
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