Milton® Pencil Style Brake Pad Gauge, Easy to Read Color Coded - 0 to 20 mm

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  • QUICK AND HASSEL-LESS READING – Allows you to quickly measure external & internal brake pad lining of the vehicle without the hassle of removing any components or wheels.
  • SLIM BODY STYLE – The pencil tire gague allows the user the ability to access hard-to-reach areas while measuring the distance between the backing plate and the brake disc.
  • COLOR CODE INDICATOR SCALE – Designed with an easy to use and readable color code scale – Red = Replace, Yellow = Caution, Green = Safe which allows the user to quickly check level in a safe manner.
  • DURABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT STEEL DESIGN – Constructed to be compact and calibratable for portable ease and ensures long term performance and durability of both the tool and your brake pads.
  • APPLICATION – Ideal for use with any vehicle; standard and heavy-duty transportation vehicles.
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